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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A funny little sketch

I am so happy!  My bunny, Miss Lucky, who had all the abscess infection problems, had a follow-up check up from last week's surgery today.  She is doing good!!!!  She had a nasty bug which was resistant to the oral antibiotics.  So we tried a new antibiotic bead implant into the abcesses and stitched them closed.  So far, so good!  So, we celebrated and sat outside for lunch - Lucky & me.  Along came the quail pair, on the top of the fence.  They kept looking and looking, and the hen kept trying to figure out how to come in past the big white bunny and me.  So I grabbed my camera and sketchbook.  I did a silly little sketch of them looking at the bunny from the top of the fence, because the camera could never get it.  Hey!  This is hard!  Animals keep moving around! 

Anyway, here are a couple of photos as well - Lucky is begging for an oatmeal cookie, and the papa bird is being the watchman.

 I finally gave in and went inside so the hen could do her business - she was being so patient, waiting for me to leave.  She is on the nest now (I peaked) and is probably laying number 11 egg.


Ida M. Glazier said...

I loved rerading your blog today. It seemed so peaceful, yet very busy with artful and kind things. I was raised with Rabbitts, as a kid, and loved them. We have lots of quail here, and I love them! Very nice stuff today on your blog---keep it up! Love the sketch as well, and the Monet type painting of lilies. Very nice work, I have just been plein-air ing and its nice , can be a bit lonely tho!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Thanks Ida, glad you enjoyed my post. It was a nice day!

LIZ said...

Great news about Lucky! What a relief huh? Love the pix of Lucky & the quail. I love quail. It is one of the things I miss about not being in our Sparks house!