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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking for Butterflies

This is another saran wrap painting.  It is so fun to stare at it and wait for something recognizable to emerge.  I saw Blue Morphos Butterflies.  So, I am starting to enhance them.  There are three large dark shapes in this painting.  I am going to link them together with a dark color somehow.  This is so much fun, I am addicted. 

After five days of seeing a deserted the nest, I decided to bring the quail eggs inside.  Whoa!  I think I'm counting 22 here.  I wonder if she started a new clutch on top of the old clutch.  At any rate, they were freezing cold and the nest was damp.  No, I'm not going to make an omlette!  Good way to get salmonella!  I like finding or purchasing craft nests and putting a few eggs in them, and then inserting the nest in a houseplant.  Makes a cute display.

My little pet silverbill finches never were successful in hatching their eggs.  The female has stopped producing eggs now.  I'm glad.  It takes a lot out of her.


Euphoria said...

I´m glad you are still having fun finding new shapes!!!
22 eggs! WOW! Shw was very busy...I wonder where is she now...

ti-igra said...

Oh, Carolyn, so nice to experiment and invent something in the process! It's fascinating!!!

Your butterflies are very beautiful and clear! They fly in space, too transparent. And it seems that the translucent world dreams you now! Perhaps it would be wonderful dreams! :-)
Miss Q. has not come back? Too bad that chicks never born. Although she chose unsuitable place to nest, they have so many times water flowed!

My congratulations to your bunnies! ;-)