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Friday, November 13, 2009

After the leaves fall, comes cold weather

... and other excuses why I haven't painted!!!! It is colder now. Below freezing at night. Thanksgiving around the corner ... and then the Holiday rush to make or shop for gifts. This is when I crave working with fiber when I'm not working with paint or pastel. This is when I start wearing wool socks. I have a few here to show. Some will be gifts. This is when I want to sit at the spinning wheel in front of the fire. I joined a few spinning friends at one of their houses for a spin-in, and she had a fire going in the fireplace.

Another project I'm doing for holiday gifts (and for myself, too) is fingerless mittens. We are driving (about 8 hours) to Palm Desert, California tomorrow. While my husband drives, I can knit away. We will be staying a week at a timeshare. I'm bringing my pastels and I hope to do some painting of desert scenery. We will go to Joshua Tree National Park and I hope to get some good photos to paint from. Check out for the Joshua Tree Park website.

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Sharon said...

I loved my fingerless mitts for driving. While I've never needed to knit in them, I'm sure they would work well there too. I've made some for friends who are still working. With energy cut-backs and cooler buildings, their hands aches when they type in the cold. Bob Cratchit!