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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today I finished the Peonies in Bloom

I had such a fun birthday the other day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my friends! One of my presents was a CD of the artist Loreena McKennet "The Book of Secrets". I listened to it three times while painting today! She has such a lovely voice. I want more of her CDs!

Today I finished the Peonies. It is evening now when I photographed it. The camera insisted on flash. Without flash there was not enough light. So, the colors are a little washed out in this photo, sorry. I tried to do what our instructor told us to do: keep one flower the focal point, and leave the other two a little loose and abstract. This is such a fun technique. I will have to do this kind of painting some more.

1 comment:

LIZ said...

Your peonies are beautiful. I love them! I tried to draw some peonies a few years ago, and failed miserably!