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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Painting the background was more difficult than the fish!

Today was Day 2 - We painted our goldfish yesterday. Today was the scary part: painting the background. I'm afraid I messed up. But I learned.

Lian's demo was great. He is so fast, the paper doesn't dry and he doesn't get hard edges, and he maintains a fresh look. The rest of us are all slower, got hard edges, went over, went over, and forgot to save white paper!

I also know I messed up doing too much blowing the paint around in the wrong areas. So I went over these areas trying to negative paint the plants in over it, and it just got an overworked look. I also found out my Colbalt Blue was not dark enough. So I started adding another blue to my blues so I could get more contrast.

Oh well, live and learn! I know what to do next time.

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