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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goldfish Workshop with Lian Zhen

Today was our first of 4 days. We learned about design and layout of goldfish in a painting and how to make the composition work. Then we started learning how to do various colored goldfish. So much fun! It is a loose style - kinda Chinese style painting. The first two fish were the subordinate ones (not my focal point). I wanted to practise this new technique on them first. Then, after another demo, I tackled the three fish in the focal point. These pictures are close-ups. Sorry about the gold-colored paper. My flash was off and it came out different. The second photo must have had flash because the paper looks white as it should be.

Tomorrow we will do the background - aquatic plants and rocks - aquarium setting actually. We will probably do various techniques like pouring the paint on and blowing it around. Lian is not telling us how we will protect our fish until tomorrow! What a character!
My best fish is the black one. Whoo Hoo! That was my focal point fish as planned. This is so much fun. Now I want to go out and get some real goldfish! They are so cute!

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