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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit to Indian Canyons

Yesterday I drove to Indian Canyons. I will have to come back next time we visit the Palm Springs area. It is a trail system (well marked and you get maps) of three canyons on Indian Reservation land. You pay an entrance fee, but it is well worth it. I only had two hours, so I only went to Palm Canyon. These fan palms are natural and wild for this area, and they grow in the canyons where there are spring-fed streams. The Indians covered their huts with the dried palm leaves. It was very peaceful and shady in that canyon, and cool, since it was a warm day. This is a little pastel I did of the light coming through the trees in the canyon.

1 comment:

LIZ said...

I'm really enjoying your desert paintings. I lived in 29 Palms as a child for about 3 years and spent lots of time in Joshua Tree National Park. Lovely!