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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peonies in Bloom - a Watercolor

Yesterday afternoon Lian gave a demonstration of painting peonies. These are difficult flowers actually. But he only wanted us to paint one - the focal point flower. The others would be abstract. We started by masking the focal point flower, and when the mask was dry, we "poured" the background. This consisted of squirting a waterbottle, dropping liquid paint into it or around it, and then squirting the water bottle again to spread the watercolor out and have it mix itself. It is really fun and random.

Next we removed the mask when the painting was dry, and remasked the stamens of the flower. Then we painted the main flower with negative painting and blending. The abstract flowers are painted the same way, but not as defined.
Lian's workshop was so much fun! And I learned so much. Visit his website at . If you have trouble getting there from google, try another search engine.

We did not have time to finish as you can see. But I know what to do. I'll show you later. Today is my day off! It is my birthday!!! My daughter took me to brunch (Daughter's Cafe) in Reno where we had Dutch Babies (a german or swedish style pancake) and latte. Later this evening my husband is taking my daughter and her husband with us to see the musical "Cats".


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! I won't see you until December and I can't wait to see what comes next with the peonies. Suspense~

ti-igra said...

Wow! Caroline! Happy Birthday! :)))

I wish you to see the flickering colors. As if you see the circles of pleasant shades, when you close your eyes :)
And your peonies are similar to those shimmering circles! I also can not wait when they start exude fragrance :)