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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowering Bouganvilla

Yesterday morning there was not enough time to go out to paint since we were leaving at noon. So I went outside the hotel and took a photo of the morning sun hitting the flowering bouganvilla on a trellis. I downloaded it to my laptop, and viewed the picture in our room and painted right from it.

I think I have finally made friends with Canson paper! I figured out how to use it. I learned (a little late) at the Chavez workshop in Hope Valley to smear the darks into the paper before you really begin. So I took it a step further: I block in all my shapes and values and blend the whole thing into the paper with Terry Ludwig's blending tool - a piece of pipe insulation! After that, I only need one more layer of pastel in nice strokes. Maybe more in the area of interest.

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