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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Old Painting - "Old Truck"

I didn't have time to paint today, so I'm showing part of an old painting. Part - because the background was a bust, so I cropped most of it off in Photoshop. I did this three or more years ago. It was a case of concentrating so much on the subject matter, that I didn't plan the background. When I put it in, it turned out so BAD, that I got MAD. So then I took pastel pensils and went over the background with weeds just to see what it would look like. I'll spare you of the bad looking tree. Anyway, bringing this out reminds me that I want to try this painting again ... someday...

Today I prepared and packed my car for a 3-day watercolor workshop. I stretched two sheets of watercolor paper on boards. And, wouldn't you know it? One came out nice and flat and the other buckled and bubbled. Why is that? It is the same paper, I wet it the same, and it is a brand new board just like the first one! This is why I don't always stretch the paper. Frustrating!!!! But, it is required for the class, I think.

The class is going to be FUN FUN FUN! It is given by Lian Zhen. Check out his website: . We will be doing fish, birds and florals using a pouring technique. I can't wait! I want to do fish so bad. I just hope they don't look like torpedos like the dumb bird I did back in January!

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ti-igra said...

It has long wanted to tell you that I so love this car!

It reminds me of the works of Andrew Wyeth and Stephen King, not the horrors of Stephen King, there are atmosphere of the place where he lives. Perhaps this little old car as a living. It has a facial expression. And cracked glass give it more charm :)